Magic Music Production offers a complete software and equipment suite to assist you with complete editing, after effects, color correction and music and sound services, including:

  • Mac Pro
    • PROCESSOR › 2.7GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5
    • MEMORY › 64GB 1866MHz DDR3 ECC – 4X16GB
    • HARD DRIVE › 1TB PCIe-based Flash Storage
    • GRAPHICS CARD › Dual AMD FirePro D700-6GB VRAM– 12 Core
  • Adobe Premiere – with hot key keyboard
  • Final Cut X – with hot key keyboard
  • Avid Media Composer – with hot key keyboard
  • Internet
  • DaVinci Resolve Color Correction
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Final Draft

Additional Services can include supplying you with experienced and knowledgeable editors to oversee the project and do the hands-on editing for you. Additional rates would apply. Please contact us if you require direct editing and supervision services.