Canada visa types and what is the job of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai

You need to travel to Canada, and you do not know how to start your visa process from Dubai to be successful in your procedures. Depending on the type of activities you are thinking of doing in Canada, you must apply for your visa to avoid breaking the law. There are some aspects that you should answer with the help of an expert before traveling to the American country.

If your purpose is to work within the country, you must meet a series of requirements to get a stay visa. Unlike tourist visas, a work visa requires that you demonstrate your ability to work in the country. The benefits of permanent work visas are that you can access the country’s social systems without inconvenience.
Canada’s permanent entrepreneur visas require you to prove to the state that you have the money to invest. The possibility of starting a business in Canada is endless due to the solidity that the country has to get ahead. canada immigration consultants in dubai can do a great job of getting them.
The job of the Canada immigration consultants in Dubai is to facilitate immigration processes. Because the entrepreneur visa lasts five years, the person who achieves it can start a business. Another advantage of entrepreneur visas is that once you have finished, you can apply for citizenship.
In addition to the investor visa, you can also apply for a visa in the form of a foreign worker program. Foreign worker programs allow you to do a professional work visa within Canada for a long period. Canada immigration consultants in Dubai is behind the visa process.
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Posted on May 14, 2020