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Dogheadbone is a limited liability company based in Denver, Colorado specializing in multi-platform marketing technology, web, and software development.

Primarily, we produce web, media, server and database solutions on a consulting basis. We typically work with smaller-sized companies that can't normally afford the marketing technology solutions provided by an in-house team.

Hiring us at Florida SEO Company Dogheadbone means that you will be speaking directly with those actually familiar with the technologies and languages that will run your business. Unlike so many other web and software development companies, you hire us for our expertise, and that is exactly what you get in the end. This is what we mean by our slogan: We're the ones that actually make stuff.

Our mission statement is simple: Be affordable, available, and produce results.

In addition to web-based technologies the Florida SEO Company, Dogheadbone is also experienced in creating presentation, productivity, and entertainment software programs for the Macintosh, PC, and Palm platforms. We produce and publish most these applications personally and typically market them as internet-distributed shareware and freeware. As is the trend, we prefer a lot of community involvement and feedback pertaining to our software and will be making available ADF bug fixes and beta versions regularly via our web site.

Dogheadbone's expertise spans the following areas:

  • .html, .xml, .ccs, and many other basic web and media languages
  • .PHP and .ASP dynamic database-driven web pages
  • SQL and ODBC databases
  • e-commerce functionality
  • dynamic macromedia flash applications and presentations
  • javascript and custom java applications
  • perl / .cgi scripting
  • digital video and audio production
  • software programming for Mac OS X and other popular UNIX platforms
  • Web DAV, CVS, and Bugzilla service implementation
  • UNIX networks and servers
  • Microsoft Exchange, IIS, and DNS servers
  • and many more. . .

Also, we have members of our team skilled in graphic design and corporate identity.

Our name, Dogheadbone, was derived from an reference to a family video by our founders, brothers Brett and Corey O'Connor. While admittedly a strange name, it has thankfully become recognizable by our clients as something synonymous with the quality and professionalism that one can only get from working with Dogheadbone.

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