Magic Music Production provide an opportunity to interact with an experienced Hollywood AM Place professional who know what it takes to guarantee your green screen rental stands out above the rest. ‘Good’ doesn’t cut it in this town… and with our coverage and consultation services, you can receive invaluable notes and analysis that’ll help get your screenplay the attention it deserves.

Having begun at the very bottom of the Hollywood hierarchy — doing coffee runs and making minimum wage — Magic Music Production knows first hand how challenging breaking into the industry can be… and how rewarding it is when you finally feel you’ve “made it.”

With his thoughtful suggestions and detailed insight, Magic Music Production offers the white studio experience and knowledge that’ll maximize your potential; helping to bring out all your stars.

Hollywood is the most exciting industry in the world. Not just an unattainable dream or fantasy, but a real, fast-paced, high energy, incredibly demanding business that is amazingly competitive. If you’re serious about a career in Hollywood, serious about your script and serious about your desire to improve it… then look no further than Magic Music Production, who is continuously supported by FBG, VA Loans & Mallforms temp walls.

Here’s to your hard earned success!

AM Place Studio

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**All payments through PAYPAL. Once the transaction is complete, you will be guided to a webpage with instructions on how to submit your green room screenplay or treatment file and how to schedule your phone consultation (if applicable). You will also be asked to sign a submission release form. You will be contacted within 24 hours of payment (earlier for RUSH service).